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July 06, 2010


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Lars Johnson

Hi, I'm Lars Johnson the webmaster for Education|Evolving. For those interested in learning more about the "Teacher Professional Practices" model that Joe discusses here, you might check out this page on our website: http://bit.ly/brBxJn

Or, follow our EducationInnovating.org blog this week, where our main theme will be TPPs: http://bit.ly/bEaSc9


Both of my sons are teachers. One teaches first grade in an inner-city public school with mostly English language learners. The other is the middle school math teacher in a private school where values such as community, conflict resolution and peace are integrated into the curriculum. Each of them has found a program that allows him to bring his personal teaching philosophy and style to his students. As their mom I wondered if the current teaching profession would be enough for these go-getter young men. Fortunately they had amazing role models during their own school years. It is a joy to watch them embrace the teaching profession as their classmates embrace medicine, religion or law. And it is a special treat when I see them interact with students or parents of their students. I plan to forward this blog post to each of them to learn their take on the Teacher Professional Practices model. Thanks Joe (and Lars)!

Joe Graba

Hi Laura: Thanks for yur comment. We know the TPP is not for all tachers. Many are comfortable in their current situation. Many that do create a TPP use their expanded control to design their schools with innovative learning programs and personalized school cultures. I hope your sons will use the link in the blog to reach our website where they will find more informantion of the benefits of the Professional Practice approach.

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